Micro Cookers/Makers

Microwave Rice Cooker. Now you can enjoy the home-steamed flavor of perfect rice every time. This unique product lets you both cook and serve up to 4 cups of rice, all from one container.  Simply place ingredients into the container base, add the insert, snap on the cover onto the base and let your microwave do all the work. In just minutes, you’ll have enough healthy, delicious cooked rice for your entire family.   This rice cooker has handy features which include the cover providing a solid grip when removing hot rice from the microwave open and the unique double cover breaks up and collects foam formed during cooking, leaving you with a spill-free microwave! Assembly instructions are conveniently etched onto the inert and inside the cover to provide max filling lines, recommended cooking times and power setting guidelines to ensure you have perfect fluffy rice every time.

Micro Omelette Maker. Does your morning rush mean you can’t break for breakfast? No need to slow down, or compromise a healthy jump start to your day with this handy quick cooker. The omelette maker is ideal for not only cooking omelettes, but oatmeal, breakfast sandwiches and even French toast in the microwave. No fat or frying is required so you can prepare healthier recipes. The shape ensures that the microwave reaches the food in the most efficient and even way and the small venting holes release excess steam and prevent build-up during cooking. The strong and ergonomic rims on both sides of the Micro Delight act as handles, providing a solid grip when removing hot food from the microwave with oven gloves.

Micro Healthy Delight. From breakfast to dinner, prepare fresh, healthy meals in your microwave in minutes! The ergonomic design provides safe handling when removing from the microwave. Basic how-to instructions are conveniently engraved inside the cover for at hand assistance. The lightly textured interior simplifies cleaning and reduces the visibility of scratches. No oil is needed for cooking as The Micro Healthy Delight is non-stick, making it a super healthy option!


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